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IMX6ULLEVK startup sequence ... how can reproduce it?

Question asked by fabio mario poiatti on Apr 5, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2019 by fabio mario poiatti

The IMX6ULLEVK came with an sd card preinstalled ... the startup sequence is listed in the file attached.


The questions is ... I'm having some problem regards new BSP with test tools to upgrade my EVK ... so the question is: knoving the startup sequence is it possible to understand how to reproduce the same sd card image? I mean:

1) git repo

2) distro

3) machine

4) bitbake target


with my command ...

1) repo init -u

2) both poky and fslx-x11

3) im6ullevk

4) target core-image-base


I'm able to create a BSP working but without imx-test.... with imx-test the build action failed

So I'm thinking to reproduce the original one