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System hangs with simultaneous QSPI file access and XiP execution

Question asked by Denis Collis on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2019 by Denis Collis

I have a K8x with a single-die 16MB QSPI flash module.  The QSPI memory layout is arranged with a section for XiP code, and another section for a file system.  If a function in internal flash accesses the file system, then everything works fine. Functions on external flash that do not access the file system also run without a problem.  However, if a function on QSPI flash attempts to access the file system, also on QSPI flash, then the system hangs.  In the debugger I see that the QSPI busy bit (BOARD_QSPI_BASE->SR & QuadSPI_SR_BUSY_MASK) remains set, forever.


How can this be overcome?