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KV11 Combine PWM mode TRIAC control?

Question asked by Azema Talam on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2019 by Felipe García

I am using FTM combine mode to generate some sort of pulses that will be sent to triac. (FTM0 channel 0 and 1)

I want to connect the zero cross signal to FTM hardware trigger pin (PTB3). Can I achieve  FTM register reloading on every zero cross detection by using hardware synchronization?


For combine mode signal generation I used FRDMkv1 ftm_combine_pwm example with little modification. Also tried to setup hardware synchronization using PTB3 but that seems to not reacting at all. When comparing signal that should simulate zero cross detection and firing angle signal (that I am creating using combined mode), firing angle signal is "moving". Frequency doesn't seem that is changing, but pulse time, and angle of pulse change.


I want to have ON period of this signal that will control triac always with almost the same difference from zero cross detection. Is combine pwm mode with hardware synchronization way to achieve this?


Is there example code of FTM hardware synchronization?