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Communication error while flashing a new srec file in DEVKIT MPC5744P externally powered by MOTORGD

Question asked by on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by Mike Doidge

I have a code running in the DEVKIT-MPC5744P flash; ported the .srec file using the RAppID tool. The code runs correctly.


Now if I try to flash a new .srec file using RAppID tool, it shows communication error as below.

"Loss Communication with CCP MCU. Please cycle power and try again. Operation has timed out".


Now I cant flash a new code until I do the below.

I have to download a working .elf file using S32DS, then write the DEVKIT RBF file (MPC5744P_DEVKIT.rbf) using S32DS, and then flash the new code using RAppID Tool.


I am using an external power supply from MOTORGD DEVKIT. I always keep the MPC Devkit jumpers in the position of external supply.


I do not understand why would I have to write the RBF files very often. Is there something that crashes my RBF?