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Error in AN11910 Table 11?

Question asked by Shaun Yu on Apr 3, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2019 by Jonathan Iglesias

I have a question regarding AN11910 (v1.5) on section 4.8.2 KeyNo to be changed equal AuthKey

In Table 11, step 15 (Cmd.ChangeKey C-APDU), the format of the data seems odd. There is no CLA,INS,P1,P2,Lc and Le. Shouln't it be like in Step 19 of Table 10? And the expected R-APDU is 00? I have reproduced the table steps below.


Table 10, Step 19

Cmd.ChangeKey C-APDU:

   90 C4 0000 29 01





Table 11, Step 15

Cmd.ChangeKey C-APDU

  C6 0000 




Also, is 3747461D39B3B530 this a CMAC generated from 

   Ksesauthcmac = E1F374D1F5DD913F0D3ACA52B149A4EA

   Message = C6 0000 96780CB0 00



where TI = 96780CB0, CmdCtr = 0000.


I tried but I could get the same result. Am I missing something here? 

I have also verified my results online at this