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How to write a C Programme on the JN5169 Chip?

Question asked by Suhaib Shahid on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2019 by Estephania Martinez

Hello All,

I am currently setting up/ learning how to set up my own home automation system. My current set up is as follows:


  • I have a Conbee USB Coordinator attached to a Raspberry Pi 3
  • The “Mozilla Things Gateway” is saved to the Pi
  • The gateway works, when a smart plug is attached to it.


Now I am trying to add to the network a JN5169 Microcontroller; which I will programme to perform various functions.

The JN5169 is attached to a DR1048 sensor board (

To start with I have saved to the flash memory the binary file:


 “ColorDimmableLight_JN5169_DR1175_LED_EXP_RGB.bin”, from the “JN-AN-1189-ZigBee-HA-Demo”. A simple programme to dim a light.


The chip is then detected by the gateway, and is added.


When I attach an LED to any of the outputs on the board the dimming function/ ON or OFF function does not work.


I don’t understand how the C programme works:

  • How can I tell which DIO on the chip the programme is using to light the bulb?
  • How should I go about writing my own C programme to light up an LED that I attach to the board?


Kind Regards,