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Need help with most basic configuration LPC804.

Question asked by Peter Choudek on Apr 3, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2019 by Kerry Zhou


I am using the LPC804M101DJH24 package for my project.  I have it mounted on a 24-DIP so I can plug it into my breadboard.  I am trying to program it with Arm Keil and using the ST-Link V2 STM8 & STM32 USB debugger.  I have tried to run example code I downloaded from NXP but to no avail.  It builds without any problem, but when I go into the debugger mode it will never reach the main() function.  It seems to get stuck in the startup/boot process.


I have the same problem when I try to run my own code.  I have the proper header files I believe (LPC804.h) but it still won't run to the main() when I try to debug.  Therefore I don't think it is actually executing any code.  In the example code from NXP, the header file is (LPC8xx.h) and I think it may not be targeting my chip correctly.  I think this because of the notes at the top of the (keil_startup.s) file.


I am asking here because I want help with literally the most basic configuration I need to get my chip working.  I just want something to work on my chip because I have been stuck like this for a while.  GPIO would be something simple I can start with.


How I have the debugger connected to the chip:

I have 3.3V going to VDD pin

I have GND going to VSS pin

I have RST going to reset pin and also have a pull-up resistor to 3.3V

I have SWDIO going to SWDIO pin and also have a pull-up resistor to 3.3V

I have SWCLK going to SWCLK pin and also have a pull-down resistor going to ground.


These are the SWD connections recommended in the NXP LPC804 User manual (UM11065).


I will attach the code I have been trying to get working.  Please help me.


Thank you,