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working on Ethernet

Question asked by Saida S on Apr 3, 2019
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this is saida

i am working on Sabre Smart Device board (i.mx6 dual )

i am doing Ethernet testing, for that i have taken code from SDK and building from licensed armds-5 environment.

the loopback at MAC level is working in RGMII mode.

but its not working at phy level which is setting loop back option in phy zero register.

i am checking receiving of packet by following way

1. i am running code in board side and waiting for a packet and it is running in promicous mode

2. from linux ubuntu pc side i am entering command in hyper terminal is

   arping -I eth0 -c 10 

but i am not receiving any packet 

what could be the problem ?

please any one can help in this regard it is urgent

other wise if any one have standalone bare metal code for ethernet testing,

one can send it to me

thanks and reagrds

Saida Safavath