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Interrupt priority change disabling the interrupt.

Question asked by Bharadwaaj Ramakrishnan on Apr 3, 2019

When I try to yield a semaphore from UART interrupt it was asserting in the following line


configASSERT( ucCurrentPriority >= ucMaxSysCallPriority );


on doing some search I found this is issue in the UART interrupt which should have lower priority than the system interrupt of the RTOS. So when i tried to change the interrupt priority in the following way. 


/* Install LPUART irq handler */
INT_SYS_InstallHandler(s_lpuartRxTxIrqId[instance], g_lpuartIsr[instance], (isr_t*) 0);

INT_SYS_SetPriority(s_lpuartRxTxIrqId[instance], 17); //<----- change of priority


/* Enable LPUART interrupt. */


this code is in lp_uartdriver.c post this I am not getting any uart Rx or Tx interrupts.