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QSPI mode download program error/QSPI方式下载程序出现错误

Question asked by Op Fancy on Apr 2, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2019 by Jing Pan

I am using the i.MX RT1050 development kit, you can download the program into Hyper Flash, and then want to try to download another memory in QSPI mode. There are errors in the download. I just change the download method in KEIL, so there is no download algorithm. Question? But your QSPI can't succeed, don't know what problem, solve?


我用的是 i.MX RT1050开发套件,可以把程序下载进Hyper Flash中,然后想尝试以QSPI方式下载进另外一个存储其中出现错误,更换两种下载方式我只是更改KEIL里面是下载算法,这样没问题吧?但是你QSPI就 不能成功,不知道什么问题,求解?