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Regarding LPC 54018 module.

Question asked by Tanmay Parashar on Apr 2, 2019
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I am currently working with the LPC 54018 IoT module, Alexa and AWS. I am able to debug the code and it is working fine. (Debugs until the part which says use the mobile app to turn ON/OFF the LED). I have also created a function on AWS lambda and have mapped the ARN with my skill on Alexa skills kit. I have created a thing on AWS-IoT and have entered the endpoint in my code. The certificates have also been generated as per needed.  There are no errors/issues that I can see at the AWS lambda or the Alexa skills side.

The issue that I am facing is when I give an input to Alexa to toggle the LED, I get a response as (The LED is OFF) in all the cases. I am not understanding what do I need to fix?

Can you please help me out in understanding where the issue is?


Thank You!