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Unable to use interrupts inside the PIL simulation block

Question asked by Manuj Agrawal on Apr 2, 2019
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I am new to using the MDBT toolbox for S32K144 on matlab for creating applications. I am facing difficulties in using interrupt routines inside the PIL model block (which contains the code to be executed on the microcontroller). Here are the screenshots of my model. I am trying to toggle a LED on UART transmission complete.



Top Model 


PIL Block


The error which I get



The same error is reported even for any other interrupt I have tried to create. Seems like I am unaware of the methodology of using interrupts in PIL simulaiton. 


Step size for both models is same (0.01 Sec)


To sum up, I want my embedded system to partially run on PC to design and tune my control algorithm while also been connected to microcontroller for sensor interfacing (which uses interrupts; for data acquisition and actuation).


I will highly appreciate any help on this issue.


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