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M68EN360 SPI delay between read/write

Question asked by Jagadish C on Apr 2, 2019
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I am using MC68EN360 for one of the project. I wanted to interface ethernet chip (ENC28J60) using SPI with M68K.

I have configured the clock of SPI to 6.25Mhz and the SPI mode  '0' is set . The problem i am facing here is for the consecutive write (SPI write) there is a  delay of around ~500us(micro seconds) and same delay is observed for consecutive read (SPI read) as well. Due to this i am not able receive/transmit ethernet packets at faster rate.

I have looked into the usermanual of MC68EN360 did not find any information on the minimum delay between write/read. want to know is this the known behavior or any configuration issue.?