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Which IDE to be used for debugging LPC4367?

Question asked by Gaurav More on Apr 1, 2019
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I am working on the development of one of our product. There i am using LPC4367 tricore controller for my development. Initiatially i did the evaluation on OM13088 eval board along with LPCXpresso v8.2.2_650. But later i downloaded MCU Xpresso V10.3 for the development but i found that there is a problems which i faces with the MCU  Xpresso IDE listed below Which is not observed in LPCXpresso IDE

1. It never programs for the first time. For that I need to terminated and debug and ther it fails and then I need to kill the debug connection and again initiate after that it programs

2. After terminating also it always shows error that the core priority is already occupied. Then again I need to follow the steps mentioned in point 1. 

3. While debugging when I put M4 and M0App core In debugging mode then its ok but when I put M0sub core in debugging more then it shows Redlink erro 255 then for that again I need to clean , delete the launch and debug folder and recompile it and then program

If in case i need to do modification then it take lot of time to just do all these activity to just put the controller in debugging mode. 

Also i saw the examples of keil.  I need to know whether  Keil MDK v4.74.0.22  support LPC4367 controller ?  if not then which version is required and its support for flash programming.

for LPCXpresso it is 256KB , For MCU Xpresso there is no limit., similaly what will be for Keil?.


Also out of these three IDE which one is recommended and how will be the support for the same?


Since no other version of LPCXpresso  is upgraded after v8.2.2_650 .So what will be the support for the IDE means will it be discontinued ?


About the MCU Expresso from  v10.1, 10.2 and now 10.3 is the latest so will it affect the development since i have already mentioned the issue that i faced with MCU Xpresso10.3 latest version.


Regarding Keil i want to know the project creation for multicore  controller and also whether LPC link 2 supports the debugging or not.need the procedure for the same .


This all depends on the preferences of IDE . Currently i an continuing with LPPXpresso 8.2.2_650 till the time i am getting the response reagarding the above mentioned issues



Gaurav More