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k20DX256 FTM ext trig

Question asked by R St-Pierre on Apr 1, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2019 by Robin_Shen

Would like to externally trigger FTM1 (K20DX256) so that FTM1 CH0 is synchronized to an external rising edge.

How/can I?/ configure FTM1_CH1 as trigger input pin?  Read the datasheet, unclear how to assign external trigger pin, and configure the sync event. (PWM_SYNC 35.4.11, HW trig, FTM_ext trig 35.3.16) 


{ settings I am using are: MODE=0x01, SYNC=0x82, C0V=0, C1V=0, C0SC=0x28, C1SC=0x28, Combine=0x0033, SC=0x88, CNTIN=0, MOD=BFFF } which generates the desired pulse, but NOT synchronized to an external rising edge. 


FTM0 is currently used generating complementary signals with deadband, and modulated by FTM1_CH0.


Some guidance/example settings would help - Thanks