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Boot u-boot from SD-Card on T1042D4RDB

Question asked by øyvind Harboe on Apr 1, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2019 by øyvind Harboe

How can I write a u-boot.bin-sdcard to an SD card for Tt1042d4rdb?


Here's what I did:


1. Using Yocto 2.6.1, I've followed:

2. In local.confg, I've set "MACHINE ??= "t1042d4rdb"

3. I've run "bitbake u-boot"

4. I've run: sudo dd if=tmp/deploy/images/t1042d4rdb/u-boot.bin-sdcard of=/dev/sdb obs=4096 seek=1; sync

5. I've set the dip-switches as per the image below

6. Insert sd-card

7. power up


Expected result: u-boot startup output on the UART1 115200. I'm getting output when I run the factory installed u-boot from NOR flash.


Actual result: no output on serial port




AN12105.pdf tells me: "SD card must be pre-programmed at 0x1000 offset starting with RCW
data, PBI commands, SPL, and U-Boot image."