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MC1321x BeeStack - Corrupt Packets

Discussion created by Mike Ware on Jan 24, 2009
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I have recently noticed that while running our ZigBee system described below I occasionally (a few times per hour) get corrupt packets (sometimes multiple consecutive packets as in the screenshot example attached).

Network Contains:
    1 ZigBee Coord
        BeeStack 2.00
        Unique MAC Address
        No Freq Agility
        Joining Disabled after ZED associated
    1 ZigBee End Device
        BeeStack 2.00
        Unique MAC Address
        MatchDesc used to associate to ZC
        Low Power mode (wake-up period varied from every 64ms to every 1second)
        ReJoin attempted after loss of sync indication

I could not find anything regarding these type of "corrupt" packets on the forums or BeeStack documentation.  Has anyone else seen these corrupt packets?

NOTE: The Src / Dst network address varies (but they're always nonsensical).  And the "MAC Payload" is usually just a single byte (typically 0x00).

Any ideas are appreciated,
 - Ware

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