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IMX233 boot up problem

Question asked by Anh Doan on Mar 29, 2019

Hello all,


We are students and trying to make a custom board that uses that imx233 processor.


We have not achieved boot up, 


1. Our supply power rail shows 5v , but the processor is not booting. Can someone take a look at our schematic and board lay out and give comments.


2. We have two regulators on the design, one DC-DC and 1 linear regulator


3. Power supply circuit works fine, checked using oscope.


Please recommend how to check, which tool, to see if the processor boots, we are using current draw as an indicator, currently our board only draws 20 mA...( we have an LED on the supply rail)


We have attached the design rule excel sheet and answered the questions on them ( it is for the imx228, but should be same )


One extra question, how do we hook up the processor to the computer to run the Bitburner software? is it just through the USB pins on the processor?


The schematic and board layout is designed in EAGLE.