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JTAG_SMODE to secure and SWD (E-XIP)

Question asked by leonardo salvatore on Mar 29, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2019 by Michael Galda


I'm settings up the security on a iMXRT1051 custom board, also tested on the IMXRT1050 EVKB.


The build is a FreeRTOS firmware and can proudly say that is running in EXIP (Encrypted eXecution In Place) flashed in a QSPI NOR. So, to recap the BEE is configured but I didn't touch anything to HAB or Central Secure Unit.


Everything was fine but I was going to close the board and securing the debugging ports.


Reading IMXRT1051SRM_rev1 and the AN4686 documents I was planning to enable the Secure JTAG mode fusing the  JTAG_SMODE to 01.


Will it make possible to use the challenge/response mechanism with SWD?

Does it work only with JTAG so I need to disable the SWD entirely?