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HAB API information for RT1050 processor

Question asked by Javier Wan on Mar 29, 2019
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I am referencing to the document AN12079, How to use i.MXRT Security Boot, refer to section 3.3 Encrypt XIP using elfosb.  I notice that there isn't any guide to burns the KEYS to SW-GP2 and the full bit selection for PRDB options. Can you guide me on this?


Based on the documentation, do my thought on the flow of elfosb tool to do the encryption as below is correct?

elfosb tool read the file -> tool will read the keys from OTPMK or SW-GP2 accordingly to PRDB options (assume option selected to use key in SW-GP2) -> do the encryption on the image using the SW-GP2 key to generate


Appreciate if you could help.