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NTag I2C Plus - NFC Field not detected

Question asked by maniram nagothi on Mar 28, 2019
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I am trying to read/write the NTag I2C plus(NT3H2111) with NTag I2C Demo android app, but it seems like the field is not detected. I am polling the NS_REG session register bit 0 to check if the field is detected. Moving my phone near/around the tag does not change the bit 0 value, which as per my understanding must change to '1' when the NFC enabled phone is near the tag. I have cross checked the NFCS_I2C_RST_ON_OFF bit value which is '0' (default value), suggesting the NFC silence feature is disabled. Also RF_LOCKED bit value is '0', suggesting that memory access to NFC is not locked. 

Can you please help me out with this? Do we require any initialization/configuration sequence to enable the NFC read/write for Ntag I2C plus? It would be helpful if you point some documentation/sample code that I could use as reference for this.


One point to note here is I2C read/write for EEPROM and SRAM is working. 


My setup:

I am using a custom board with,

NTag I2C plus(NT3H2111) interfaced to IMXRT1052 via I2C

Trying NFC read/write with NTag I2C demo android app v1.7.8( installed on oneplus 6 running Android 9.0)