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how to understand surround view application algorithm

Question asked by zhao shuangpeng on Mar 28, 2019
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I am porting the surround view application to our project based on i.MQ8QM MEK, we found that the demo must be optimised a lot to meet the requirement of surround view function in car. Regarding the algorithm provided by NXP, we can get all the source code, but the principle behind those code is hard to understand, can you provide some more reference to understand it quickly, espcially the mask generation part, we still can not understand how to use the 3D coordinate and the 2D coordinate. we need the detailed explanation about this part, can you give us some more advice ?


BTW, I am still not understand the following two functions, we need to understand every line code and it's principle.


void Masks::getSeamPoints(vector<Point3f> &polygon1, vector<Point3f> &polygon2, Seam &seam, int rotation)


void Masks::createMasks(vector<Camera*> &cameras, vector< vector<Point3f> > &seam_points, float smothing)


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