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QN9080 FSCI Black Box SPI debug error

Question asked by Emilien WINGERT on Mar 28, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2019 by Estephania Martinez



I'm using the QN9080 DK board and the MCUXpresso 10.2.0 IDE (along with the SDK v2.2).

I'm having issues running the FSCI black box on my QN9080 using SPI transport in the Serial Manager.


I hardly modify the base example to use SPI, I only achieve these few steps :

   - Load the FSCI black box example (freertos), semihost enabled, C11 flag

   - Unset the gSerialMgrUseUart_c macro in app_preinclude.h

   - Set the gSerialMgrUseSPI_c macro in app_preinclude.h


When I start debugging the program (ie. the programmed is loaded in the flash, I click resume), i get a debug error saying the following :


"Target reported errors

Reasons :

   16 : target error from status-poll

   Wire ACK fault in DAP access"



The error does not occur when I use the UART version.

I already tried the following fixes which did not work :

   - Import the project in a new workspace

   - Declare the DAP pin in the pinmux


I might be doing something wrong here.

Thanks in advance.


Have a good day,