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OM13092 - lpcxpresso54608_host_msd_fatfs_bm does not work in Full speed mode

Question asked by Sandeep V L on Mar 28, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2019 by soledad



I have an OM13092 LPCXpresso board with LPC54608. I tried to run the example program lpcxpresso54608_host_msd_fatfs_bm. This is configured for full speed port. I changed the jumper settings to enable Full Speed (FS) mode. a) Installed JP10 b) Set JP9 2-3 pins (FS) c) confirmed that the jumpers JP11, JP12, and JP13 are set to 2-3.Ensured that power is supplied through J1.


An USB stick was connected to the J3 (FS) port. It was not even getting detected. I don't get any event in USB_HostOhciTaskFunction(). I expected that when USB stick is connected, an USB_HOST_OHCI_EVENT_ATTACH event will happen. But no. Nothing comes.


As a part of debugging the code, accidentally I put a printf in the USB_HostOhciTaskFunction() after the USB_HostOhciPortChange() in ubs_host_ohci.c.




printf("Port changed...\n");



This changed the behaviour. Now USB stick was detected and it did other tests like creating the file system, directory creation etc. Then I replaced the printf with a delay. The behavior is consistent and it works every time with the delay. If the delay is removed, it will never detect the stick again.


Did anyone face this issue before? Any thoughts will be helpful