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IMX6 SSI in 16b instead of 24

Question asked by on Mar 28, 2019
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I've been stuck on this issue for few days now.


I am using kernel 4.14.39, I want to use the SSI within alsa in S16_LE, however I seem to be stuck with S24_LE, I cannot find where does that comes from.


I have been able to force the SSI in 16b mode by calling within the driver :


regmap_update_bits(regs, CCSR_SSI_STCCR, CCSR_SSI_SxCCR_WL_MASK,


I am using the driver fsl-ssi.c with the dummy-codec and alsa simple card. None of them should be giving limitation when it come to bitdepth. Does any one can help me on that one ?


How can I overcome that? Does  anyone fall on the same problem ? Is it fixed on more recent release?