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Enabling Mass storage Host and HID device in LPC4357 and Mass storage stuck in HOST_STATE_Powered_WaitForDeviceSettle  state

Question asked by S S on Mar 27, 2019
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As we mentioned earlier we are using LCP4357  - using USB1 as Mass storage host and USB0 as HID device. For HD device we are using ROM USB Stack and using NXPUSBLib for mass storage host. When we enable each separately things work – that means we are able to write a small file into a USB stick and we have established a minimum HID communication with a HID host. However, when we enable HID device and connect USB stick, the USB Host state machine stays in the HOST_STATE_Powered_WaitForDeviceSettle state (the program gets stuck in  FSUSB_DiskInsertWait --  because USB1_IRQHandler keeps getting invoked and puts the state in Powered State). However, when the HID device is not enabled, and the USB stick is connected, the interrupt occurs (USB1_IRQHandler) only once and able to write to the device because the state machine puts the state in Host Configured State.

Any idea why the interrupt keeps occurring?