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Looking for a 16-bit microprocessor...

Discussion created by Arye Segal on Jan 23, 2009
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Hello everyone, I'm new around here, so allow me to present myself first. :smileyhappy:

My name is Arye Segal, I'm 20 y/o from Israel, and loved electronics ever since I was born!

So, after learning a lot of math and electricity, I think it's time for me to start using microprocessors.

I've already dealt with a few microcontrollers, but I'm looking for an 16-bit microprocessor that I can hook up to an external RAM and Flash memory. Do you know of any 16-bit microprocessors? I've already looked into the 6502, but I want to know if there are better (that's, faster) ones out there. :smileywink:

The purpose of this processor is to be used as a CPU in a retro-like game console I'm designing (NES-/SNES-clone), so I want to have a lot of RAM available (8+ KBs) and Flash program memory (1+ MBs). Plus, in the near future, I'm looking to make a dedicated GPU for it using an FPGA, to load off lots of calculations from the CPU, as well as a dedicated sound processor, etc.

So, any recommendations? :smileyhappy:

Thank you very much for taking the time to even read my post! :smileyhappy:

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and will be glad to receive any kind of reply,


P.S: Posted in the parallel 8-bit forum as well.

Thanks once again, guys. Truly appreciate it! :smileyhappy:

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