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Connect to a Smart Meter with the NXP 5169

Question asked by john hemmick on Mar 27, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2019 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez

In JN-AN-1135 Section 5.3 Security Keys and Mac Addresses the following appears:

All nodes within an SE network are required to complete security handshaking with the network trust centre before certain communication links can be established – this process is known as Key Establishment (KE). [...] each node must have previous knowledge of certain serialisation data, such as its MAC address and security key information.

The app_ipd_node.c application calls a command:

eStatus = eSE_KECInitiateKeyEstablishment(IPD_BASE_LOCAL_EP,

which either results in a successful pair with a SE meter or a KEY_ESTABLISHMENT_TIMEOUT and vLeaveNWK().


In the case of the Zigbee Pro 3.0 cluster library (JN-UG-3115: Section 1.1.7), we have the following clusters: {Price (0x0700), Demand-Response and Load Control (0x0701), Simple Metering (0x0702)}, which can be used by non-SE applications to interact with smart energy devices like meters. 

In the event of a Zigbee Pro 3.0 device that wants to request Metering or Price data from a SE smart meter -- is there an equivalent mechanism to complete Key Establishment with the SE device from the 3.0 stack?

Is there an application note that describes how to make Simple Metering requests to a SE device?