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How to Re-Flashing devices based on iMX7ULP for updating/maintenance once eMMC contains valid image.

Question asked by Benjamin Canton Dominguez on Mar 27, 2019
Latest reply on May 2, 2019 by Diego Adrian Cuevas


Hello, we are trying to understand how we will update and maintain the memories programming of our devices based on i.MX7ULP.


Initial devices flash. We understand that it would be similar to this (if this process will not work please report it):

  1. Connect devices to Host throught USB.

  2. Host launches script with UUU → UUU stays active waiting for devices listening to.

  3. We boot devices and its detect that eMMC are empties → Devices will jump to Serial Download Mode and its wait receiving SDP throught USB.

  4. Devices recive UUU script and start the memories programming process.

  5. Once programming is completed, we disconnect USB and reboot devices → Programming process is completed and devices should be functional.


We need to figure out how we will easily reflash our based on i.MX7ULP devices .

MAIN QUESTION: How to Re-Flashing devices for updating/maintenance once eMMC contains valid image. Ideally the process should be similar to initial flashing:

  • eMMC's of the devices are properly programmed.
  • We connect devices through USB to Host.
  • Host launch UUU script.
  • We boot devicesDevices should jump to Serial Download Mode and will be reprogrammed with the UUU script.


* We don't have an external switch for manually selecting BOOT_MODE[1:0] pins = 00b to jump to Serial Download Mode.

* We cannot access to solded eMMC's to force Serial Download Mode.


how would devices jump to Serial Download Mode in this conditions for being programmed with UUU script from host?


Thanks for your attention.