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MRF8S23120H Test PCB Dimensions

Question asked by Sarath Raman on Mar 26, 2019

Hello Everyone,


I have a couple of MRF8S23120H and would like to create a small amplifier for Amateur TV (DATV) transmissions to an amateur satellite. The frequency for the transmission is at 2400Mhz and the bandwidth of this transistor is more than enough for my use. I have no previous experience with microwaves amplifier and I was hoping to use the application notes of this transistor to build one. Unfortunately I could not find an application note or a circuit diagram in the data sheet for the test PCB you have in in the datasheet.


If I can get a copy of the test PCB layout,and dimensions (the one in datasheet has no dimensions) or even a Gerber file it would make my day. Or if you can direct me on how to do it myself it would be great as well.


Appreciate any help to get this going.