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[URGENT] I can't set the PN5180's RF CONFIG

Question asked by pochupan on Mar 26, 2019
Latest reply on May 13, 2019 by IvanRuiz

Hi NXP :


After UPDATE_RF_CONFIG and LOAD_RF_CONFIG, that the value read from the Register 0x20 is different from the value set by UPDATE_RF_CONFIG, and only the Register address: 0x20 has this problem.



Setting log :


---Set RF configuration byte: 0x00, Register: 0x20-------------------------------------------------------------------- 

/*UPDATE_RF_CONFIG - RF configuration byte: 0x00, Register address: 0x20, Register value: 0x00DB8F22*/

Transmit: 12,00,20,22,8F,DB,00

Receive: - 


---Read out to confirm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

/*RETRIEVE_RF_CONFIG_SIZE - RF configuration ID: 00*/

Transmit: 13,00

Receive: 08


/*RETRIEVE_RF_CONFIG - RF configuration ID: 00*/

Transmit: 14,00

Receive: 1,82,07,00,00,2F,02,00,00,00,16,50,23,00,00,42,04,01,24,00,14,10,00,00,0F,15,00,00,00,00,20,22,8F,DB,00,29,10,00,00,00  (successful)


---Load configuration--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 /*LOAD_RF_CONFIG - Transmitter  configuration byte: 0x00, Receiver configuration byte: 0x80*/

Transmit: 11,00,80

Receive: -


---Read out from Register 0x20 to confirm ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 /*Read Register - Register address: 0x20*/

Transmit: 04,04,20

Receive: 01,4F,DB,00  (The Data is not my setting before)