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deploy file system on the 5748G flash by using the 256K blocks

Question asked by dany amsalem on Mar 27, 2019
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i'm working on the DEVKIT MPC5748G module and working under the with S32 IDE.

I'm trying to deploy 1 Mega bytes (the last 4 blocks of 256K bytes) in C55 FLASH for FATFS.

My problem is that I need to erase 256K each time a byte is needed to be updated, meaning,

   1. saving the old data in 256K ram,

   2. update ram block with the new data

   2. erase block

   3. write back to block.

note that using the 16K blocks isn't optional for me (I need a large space) .


1. is possible to erase small amount of data, 512/1024/2048 bytes in the 256K blocks ?

2. does the FATFS S32 examples uses the the C55 internal FLASH (I see only the example with SD card) ?

3. i'll be glad to hear if there another options to overcome this issue


please advice