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Paged vs Non-Paged

Question asked by Harshitha C B on Mar 27, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2019 by ZhangJennie

Hi all,


-> Our project has a linker file that has links all the .o files.

-> In the linker file,

+seg .text -b 0x7f4100 -o 0x4100 -m 0x4000 -n .NON_PAGED_LOC1 -r3 # Page 5 unbanked 

we are using this memory location to store all the .o files. But at some point it is showing .NON_PAGED_LOC1 overload.

-> So i have added the extra files(let's say file1.0 and file2.0) in the paged memory location as shown below. 

+seg .ftext -b 0x788000 -o 0x8000 -w 0x4000 -m 0x14000 -n .PAGED_LOC1 -r3  



-> Can we do it like this or we have to keep only those extra files in the other NON_Paged_LOC?

-> If we keep those files in different NON_PAGED_LOC does it create any problem in future? +

-> How does it matter for paged and non-paged?



Regards and Thanks,