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How to bootup iMX8 with 1GB RAM

Question asked by Jun-feng(Edwin) Lai on Mar 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2020 by Carol Desjardins

Hi All,


I was testing different kinds of DRAM on official evk board.

I got all spec of DRAM capacity including 1GB to 4 GB.


The thing I did is changing the DRAM size from include/config/imx8mq_evk.h as below.


with this setting , 2GB and 3GB worked well,

and I fixed 4GB issue by according to the patch NXP released.


However now I'm facing to the issue when boot up with 1GB RAM.

uboot worked ok, but when I loading thee kernel, it would stuck with kernel panic.


My guessed is that uboot load kernel at the address 0x4030000 which is over 1GB addressing,

and causing the panic. But just guessing...


Does anyone know hoe to setup or where should I changed for 1GB RAM?



Best regards,