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Brand new FRDM-K22F not working

Question asked by Brian Smith on Mar 26, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2019 by Kerry Zhou


I just bought new frdm-k22f board and when i plugged it to my pc, bootloader got corrupted, i read that i can recover from it using external debugger which i have but it's not that easy, when i try to flash bootloader i got :

" Error: Failed to erase sectors 0 @ address 0x00000000 (Algo35: Flash protection violation. Flash is write-protected.)"


I connected my debugger to J12 header and plugged usb into the OpenSDA USB.


unlock kinetis gives:

"Found SWD-DP with ID 0x2BA01477
Unlocking device...ERROR: Read from DP/AP register failed!"


connecting to core:


i can't do anything with this now, should i return this board?