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Problem when installing usb driver for windows7 on MIMXRT1060-EVK

Question asked by Bruno Lemesle Employee on Mar 26, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2019 by Bruno Lemesle

Hello, I get the MIMXRT1060-EVK evaluation board.

I've installed  the SDK_2.5.0_EVK-MIMXRT1060, from SDK builder and then I'm trying to run

usb example : dev_cdc_vcom_bm

I can build and debbug my application via  mbed Serial Com Port


I want to have the input serial port console by plugging a second micro usb cable to EVT J9 connector link to my PC, but it's not working

When I plug cable, the usb driver doesn't instally correctly and in the Device manager I can see MCU VIRTUAL COM DEMO

So I try to reinstall manually usb driver found in SDK: ~\boards\evkmimxrt1060\usb_examples\usb_device_cdc_vcom\inf

but get following error:

and device never appears in COM ports of my computer

Thanks for your help,