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Need clarification on document UM10204 (I2C-bus specification and user manual)

Question asked by Colin Gerrish on Mar 25, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2019 by Alice_Yang

I'm seeking some clarification on section 3.1.17 Device ID.


In this section is lists 7 steps to access the Device ID.


In step 2 it notes "The master sends the Reserved Device ID I2C-bus address followed by the R/W bit set to ‘0’ (write): ‘1111 1000’."


As there is nothing else in the document that explains what the "Reserved Device ID" is, I just wanted to check that I literally have to enter "1111 1000" and it is not "1111 1XXX" table 3 in section 3.1.12 Reserved addresses, where it indicates that XXX can be any value. So a little confused.


I look forward to getting clarification.