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PD/PU resistor values on GPIO of i.MX8M

Question asked by Norihiro Michigami on Mar 26, 2019
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In IMX8MDQLQIEC, there are two different number for PD/PU resistor values.


Table 26  says,

30 x 0.75 Kohms (min) , 30 Kohms(typ),  30 x 1.25 Kohms(max.) for PU.

95 x 0.75 Kohms (min) ,  95Kohms(typ),  95 x 1.25 Kohms(max) for PD.


Table 84 says

90 Kohms(PD)

27 Kohms(PU)


** It says GPIO1_IO02 has 27Kohms PD. It seems to be typo.

If the table 84 refers to typ value in Table 26, it make sense. 


I understand that PU/PD on silicon are not so accurate, so these small difference doesn't matter for NXP.

But the values should be the same and consistent to avoid confusion at your  customer's site.

Can we take PD/PU resistor value in Table 26 as your authorized value?



Norihiro Michigami