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eTimer ISR (MBD for MPC574x) does not generate Event

Question asked by Abhishek Kumar on Mar 25, 2019
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I am generating a pulse signal with a GPO (PF14) and trying to feed the pulse signal to PJ8.

Use eTimer to detect the rising and falling edge from the pulse (PJ8 is connected to PF14)

Use the EVENT for detection of edges to run a subsystem (where I add a counter every time a edge is detected)

I expect the "CaptureCount" Value to be growing with every edge detection but in freemaster, the Counter stays at zero. 

I think somehow the Rising and Falling edge events can not be captured, when I look on Scope PF14 values, it shows a pulse with 100 Hz frequency (which is intended). My best guess is that eTimer Configuration is wrong but I can't find where. 


I have attached the Matlab file and freemaster file for you.


I am using

1. Matlab 2018 b

2. Model Based Design Toolbox for MPC574x (V3.0)


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