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PN7462  Issue

Question asked by tein Su on Mar 24, 2019
Latest reply on May 2, 2019 by tein Su

below is the PN7462 (reader mode) question:

1. If we enable the ISO18092 (P2P) card option in Code, plus Tx Power is set
GSN=1, about 15% of the machines can't read Type A cards.
2. However, if you disable the card option of ISO18092 (P2P), these machines that cannot read the card can read it.
Type A card.
3. Enable ISO18092 (P2P) card option, but do not drop Tx Power, maintain DPC Enable settings
Therefore, the machine that cannot read the card can also read the Type A card.

Is there a reasonable explanation?

4.Disable ISO18092 (P2P) and Enable ISO18092 (P2P) What is the difference in reader mode?


Disable P2P option is mark off NXPBUILD__PHPAL_I18092MPI_SW define:

//#define NXPBUILD__PHPAL_I18092MPI_SW /**< PAL
ISO18092 (P2P) SW Component is included. */