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MCf51ac128 FLASH sector erase problem.

Discussion created by Tom Hoch on Jan 22, 2009
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;I am working on a small subsystem using the MCF51ac128 chip.
;I have not been able to get the SECTOR ERASE flash command to work.
;I am running a 20megaHz Bus clock from the PLL
;so I have set the FCDIV register as part of the powerup sequence. 
;20,000,000/8/16 = 156,250Hz.
                 MOVE.B  #%01001111,D0    ;the FDIVLD bit sets itself automatically
                 MOVE.B  D0,(FCDIV).L     ;set FLASH clock to an acceptable frequency.
;Location 40D, the NVPROT non-volatile register that is copied by silicone
;to the FPROT register on reset, is set in the exec so that there should be no
;FLASHprotected at all:
INIT_NVPROT:     DB %11111111             ;40D will be copied to FPROT
;I have dumped FCDIV and FPROT and verified that they are correct.
;The followig subrutine is copied into RAM and executed in an attempt
;to erase the 1K sector at address $1FC00.
;Writing a one to the FCBEF bit in FSTAT resets the CPU immediately everytime
;for the sector erase command ($40), and the sector is not erased.
;The exec is burned with each long in the sector at $1FC00 set to $12345678,
;it is not erased to $FFFFFFFF, it is not even changed at all.
;NOTE: I tried an erase verify command (5) just to see what wuld happen,
;it did not reset the CPU, and the routine executed to completion.
;I have followed the instructions in Chapter 4 and I can't find any other
;documentation on the subject of FLASH for the MCF51ac128/256.
                 MOVE.W   #$2700,SR        ;lock out interrupts
                 MOVEA.L  #FSTAT,A6
                 MOVEA.L  #FCMD,A5
                 MOVE.L   #$1FC00,A0       ;addr of sector to erase in A0
;;;;                 MOVE.L  #$5,D1             ;erase Verify command.
                 MOVE.L  #$40,D1            ;40hex Sector Erase command.
                 MOVE.B  #$30,(A6)         ;write ones to clear the error bits if any.
                 MOVE.L  #$FFFFFFFF,(A0)   ;write a LONG to the address passed in A0
                 MOVE.B  D1,(A5)           ;write the FLASH command into FCMD register.
   ;The following instruction resets the CPU.
                 MOVE.B  #$80,(A6)         ;write one to FCBEF bit to "launch" command.
   ;It never gets here.
                 MOVE.L  #50,D0            ;;;
TIME_WASTING_LOOP:                         ;
                 NOP                       ;Give the FLASH controller some time
                 SUBQ.L  #1,D0             ;to get going before checking FSTAT.
                 BGT.B   TIME_WASTING_LOOP ;;;
                 MOVE.B  D0,(SRS).L        ;KICK the COP it is defaulted to .512sec.
                 MOVE.B  (A6),D0           ;check FLASH status register
                 ANDI.L  #$40,D0           ;test the FCCF bit
                 BEQ.B   FLASH_CMD_WAIT    ;Wait Loop until the command completes.
                 MOVE.W  #$2000,SR         ;reenable interrupts
                 CMP.L   #$5,D1            ;If the command was verify, report result
                 BEQ.B   TST_FBLANK
TST_FBLANK:                                    ;;;
                 MOVE.B  (A6),D0               ;get the FSTAT register
                 ANDI.L  #$4,D0                ;Strip off the FBLANK bit
                 BEQ.B   NOT_ERASED            ;if FBLANK=0, FLASH array is not erased.
ERASED:          MOVEA.L #ERASED_MSG,A0        ;
                 BRA.B   REPORT_FBLANK         ;
NOT_ERASED:                                    ;
                 MOVEA.L #NOT_ERASED_MSG,A0    ;
REPORT_FBLANK:                                 ;
                 JSR     (SEND_MESSAGE_NOW).L  ;;;

;Hopefully if I can get a sector erased I will be able to program it.

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