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excessive current draw in QN908x via EXTI

Question asked by on Mar 25, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2019 by Estephania Martinez


I get excessive current draw on QN9080DK devboard when using EXTI + PD0 mode:


  • SW: Based on "power mode switch" demo app (forced to always return PD0 mode).
  • Setup HW PA19 as input.
  • Setup HW to wakeup on Button2 (PA19) low level.
  • Go to PowerDownMode0.


In PowerDownMode0 it consumes 4uA which is fine.

But when I press and hold Button2 it consumes 870uA!
Which is super high, also SW already gone back to PD0 state.

After releasing the button it goes back to 4uA.

Pressing the other Button causes ~1uA change.


  • So firmware is not running, it's in PD0.
  • Button2 is not connected to anything else HW wise.
  • Thus 870uA must come from MCU internal hardware.


Disabling wake up source after the wakeup didn't reduce the current:



Is it a silicone bug? How can we mitigate it?