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Question asked by Francesco Fontana on Mar 23, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2019 by Francesco Fontana

I developed a simple 8051 based development board and I want to present it in a local electronics fair in Italy. I called it "Arduone UNO" with the idea to overcome the ubiquitous Arduino.  I used a P89C51RD2HBA as microcontroller but it works only with Philips marked devices, whenever I use an NXP device I have always the same problem, it cannot comunicate with the PC using flash magic and isp connection. Now, since the fair is very close (30 31 of this month) and I wanted to sell the NXP devices as well, do you have any suggestion on how to make the NXP marked devices work? There is no way to read the signature and no way to reload the booloader. Is it due to a seller that has only defective NXP devices or is there any way to overcome the problem? I read in some cases a parallel programmer should be used to unlock this device. Please let me know. I would apreciate an help. Thank you.