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T2080 use fra demo Send a mailbox(Type11)But Recv 2 same Package of Mailbox

Question asked by Li guofa on Mar 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2019 by Yiping Wang

Yiping Wang

I am very sorry to bother you. I am now using a T2080 usdpaa to encounter a problem with the mailbox.
I hope to get a help. We use to send and receive messages in order to use the mailbox type 11.
But the program is modified based on fra. Send rman_send_msg once every call, the receiving side will
always, receive 2 mailboxes, I use fpga to send, prove that there is no problem on the receiving side.
The following is my modified xml file and fra partial modifications. I hope you have a busy time to reply.

#if 0
msg = msg_alloc(RIO_TYPE_DSTR);
if (!msg) {
error(0, 0, "msg_alloc failed");
msg->len = test_speed.packets_size;
*(int *)msg->data = i;
send_time[i] = mfatb();
rman_send_msg(test_speed_dist_tx->rman_tx, i, msg);
msg = msg_alloc(RIO_TYPE_MBOX);
if (!msg) {
error(0, 0, "msg_alloc failed");
msg->len = 8;//test_speed.packets_size;
rman_send_msg(test_speed_dist_tx->rman_tx, 0, msg);
printf("send a msg start");

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