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MMA8452 sensivity

Question asked by Marco Blancato on Mar 22, 2019
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sorry if this is a cross post. 

I asked two years ago support for the best configuration of this sensor to detect vehicle motion and you pointed me in the right direction with some application notes. 

But sometimes, if the vehicle start slowly or the ground is flat and regular, I detect the movement with a delay, 30 seconds or more and it’s too much. 

I will move to a new devices with higher sensitivity in a new project, but for the current projects I’m trying to understand if I can optimise the configuration and improve sensitivity. 

 I'm actually using this configuration. Is there anything I can do ?


$2A, [$18] ' 0x2A: CTRL_REG1 system control 1 register, Set device in 100Hz ODR, Standby
$1D, [$1E] ' 0x1D: Transient_CFG register, enable latch, Enable XYZ
$1F, [$01] ' 0x1F: TRANSIENT_THS register, set threshold to 1 counts
$20, [$05] ' 0x20: TRANSIENT_COUNT, set debounce 50mS
$2D, [$20] ' 0x2D: CTRL_REG4 register, enable transient interrupt
$2E, [$20] ' 0x2E: CTRL_REG5 interrupt configuration register, Route the Transient Interrupt to INT 1 hardware pin