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How to run the KE04Z demo code ( SDK_2.5.0_FRDM-KE04Z )

Question asked by Mkie Wu on Mar 24, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2019 by Alice_Yang

Hi, Sir :


  I download the demo code SDK_2.5.0_FRDM-KE04Z from NXP SDK website, it said it requires

MCUXpresso IDE V10.3.X or later , I try it to run on the MCUXpresson 10.3.1 version. 

The SDK website also show  The SDK will not include

FRDM-KE04Z board project examples for MCUXpresso IDE.   I am confused about this . I have tried  to import

it ,but find failure. What should I do is the correct process?