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Help initializing DAC on the LPC4337

Question asked by Matthew Maslak on Mar 21, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2019 by Bernhard Fink

I'm trying to initialize the DAC on the LPC4337, I've read the DAC section of the manual and used the debugger to gain access of the DAC registers. I was able to "Enable" or set bit 3 of the CTRL register, set the CNTVAL register at 0x0000 and I put my 10 bit value in the CR register (15:6 bit) and my board does output the right analog voltage. However when I try to implement this in the code, it's not working. I don't see the CTRL bit 3 changing so I believe my initialization of the DAC isn't correct. I cannot find any documentation on this and all the examples I see either are gibberish or older/other IDEs. I'm using both LPCxpresso and MCUxpresso.  


/* p4_4 ADC0_0, GPIO 2_4*/
Chip_GPIO_SetPinDIRInput(LPC_GPIO_PORT, 2, 4); // set GPIO port direction register
Chip_SCU_PinMuxSet(0x4,4,SCU_MODE_INACT); // disable pull up and pull down resistor
LPC_SCU->SFSP[0x4][4] &= ~(1<<6);//disable receiveing by setting the EZI bit to zero.

Chip_SCU_DAC_Analog_Config(); //select DAC function
Chip_DAC_Init(LPC_DAC); //initialize DAC
Chip_DAC_SetDMATimeOut(LPC_DAC, 0x0000);
Chip_DAC_ConfigDAConverterControl(LPC_DAC, (DAC_DMA_ENA));



 I have also tried to do LPC_DAC -> to write the registers but that didn't work either. Any and all help will be appreciated.