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i.MX8-MEVK UART Input No Response

Question asked by Shengye Wan on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by Shengye Wan

Hi experts,


I was recently working with i.MX 8M Evaluation Kit, while the board's debug UART ports get very slow response to the keyboard inputs.


For device, I tried:

1) the preloaded Android image with EMMC boot;

2) a self-built fsl-image-validation-imx image with SD boot.


For the host side, I tried both mac OS and ubuntu-16.04 with minicom.


Right now, both images can boot up, and the UART ports can print the system logs correctly.

However, if I want to interact with the UART port like typing any command in the UART port

evk_8mq:/ $

, the UART becomes very slow, and even no response to my input after a while.


I'm wondering if anyone runs into this scenario, or knows what would be the possible reason?

Thank you in advance.