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RT1064 dcd/init files for HyperRAM project

Question asked by Carsten Groen on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by Carsten Groen

I'm currently working on a RT1064 project (own hardware) that uses HyperRAM (S27KS0641). The HyperRAM device is working fine (at 0x60000000) and I can access the HyperRAM thru a testprogram (used the hyperram test project in the SDK as a basis). The code is running from the Flash inside the RT1064 (located at 0x70000000) and uses the OCRAM for data etc.

The HyperRAM is used in this project to save IO pins on the RT1064. Now, I wonder if there are some examples "out there", or someone who have done the xxxx_ini_dcd.c file, flexspi_nor_config.c  and debugger init files for HyperRAM ?

There are some very nice files with the SDK for the SDRAM, basically I'm after the same files but for HyperRAM (effectively replacing the SDRAM with HyperRAM). I know that it is not possible to have both data and code in the HyperRAM at the same time because of possible conflicts in the FlexSPI controller.

(would be nice also as there are HyperRAM on the 1064 EVK board, so some other might also be able to use it)