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Custom USB class example/Idea for new sample for SDK ?

Question asked by Carsten Groen on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by fangfang

Looking at the SDK for the i.MXRT105x/6x devices, there is a large number of samples for USB (both device and host), HID, printers, CDC and what not.

This is very nice and complete.


However, I/we miss a simple sample that shows how to make a custom class that uses simple Bulk communication, something that just has 1 bulk-in and 1 bulk-out and nothing else. This would make it easy for users/customers to build on top of that. The whole "USB story" is so complicated that most people are not able to spend the time to do this in an efficient way. Personally I have had the "pleasure" of doing this way back for LPC2148, LPC1778 etc, and it is no fun at all......

I have already been wandering thru the USB API documentations, and its a overwhelming task to digest all the details, and it requires you to have a very deep knowledge of USB....


The LPC546xx with its USB code in ROM was way easier. I did this post: Custom USB class using USBROM (for LPC54608 and alike), code to grab :)  and it would be so nice if something similar could be found or perhaps included in the SDK in the future.


Then we could all get on with designing end-products and not spend countless hours on doing the low-level stuff

Crossing my fingers....